Do you need a technical translation
– English Danish?

Technical translations are a speciality

When a technical text must be translated, the job requires a translator with two focus areas:

They must both translate the text correctly and at the same time, have a handle on the technical details. You must know when it is called “fitting” instead of “installation” and how important the difference is. Far from all translators know that, but I do.

My name is Susan Murphy Lamprecht, and I have been running a translation company since 2016.

On my CV I have a bachelor’s from Copenhagen Business School (CBS.), where I trained as a trilingual secretary in Danish, English and French, and I hold a master’s degree in English and international relations from Aalborg University. I am also bilingual as my mother is British, so it was apparent for me to specialise further in the language. It was also obvious to go a layer deeper and specialise in technical English because I thrive on immersing myself and having a handle on every detail. At the same time, technique and engineering are extremely specific and within a fixed framework, which suits the structure that I work according to best.

There are translation agencies and advertising agencies on my client list, as well as copywriters who want to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the technical wording in the texts, as well as technological companies. Furthermore, it also requires extensive experience to make the technical understandable so that non-professionals understand the content by translating the heavy texts with the correct use of technical words for other specialists.

Therefore, I primarily translate:

And since I only want satisfied clients, I only do these types of jobs.

Therefore, I do not translate texts about medicine or medical devices, just as I do not translate subtitles, which is your guarantee that I will turn down a job if I do not think I am the right person to do it.

My background as
an English Danish translator

I was born and grew up bilingual with a British mother and a Danish father. I am also a trilingual secretary in Danish, English, and French from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and hold a master’s degree in English and international relations from Aalborg University.

My CV includes various job titles, all of which have had the common denominator that I have regularly communicated in English. I have run my own translation company since 2016, where I primarily undertake assignments for translation agencies, advertising agencies or technology companies. Here I have found the discipline that I plan to follow as long as I work. So, with me, you can get a fixed agreement for many years to come.

Proven collaboration on technical translations

Three things often apply when translating a text:

It must be done relatively quickly, while there must be 100% focus on all the details, and usually, you also have several other jobs to do. Therefore, you must spend as little time as possible dealing with the translation.

Based on many years of experience in the industry, I have therefore developed a fixed procedure so that we ensure both an excellent result and at the same time avoid that does not disturb you more than is necessary. Therefore, our collaboration usually takes place like this:


You send me an e-mail with the text attached that you need to have translated. If you need it urgently, please mention this, and I will see if I can rearrange my work.


Through my calculation method, I calculate a fixed price, as well as a delivery date.
You always get an individual price tailored to your job because I do not think it is appropriate with fixed prices per word, as there is a massive difference between each translation job. Among other things, the amount of time a job takes is affected by how many words it contains and whether it is only about one subject or a more comprehensive text, where I have to familiarise myself with several subtopics, each with its own categories of words. So, with an individual price, you are sure that you are not paying more than you need to.


When you agree to the price, delivery time and terms of business, please send your glossary if you have one. In this way, we ensure that I precisely use the words, phrases, and specific spellings you prefer, and all your texts are uniform.


For larger jobs, I will send you an e-mail about a day before I finish the job. Fortunately, jobs are often completed before the agreed time. In this case, you will have the option to advance your printer or graphic artist, so they can plan to start their jobs earlier than initially planned.


If I have not heard from you within x days after you have received the text, I will invoice you the agreed amount and consider the job as completed.


Hopefully, we will work together again.

*Selv om det er i alles interesse, at opgaverne planlægges i god tid, ved vi jo alle, at der kan komme en ny version af teksten i sidste øjeblik. Derfor har jeg indrettet min arbejdsdag, så jeg også har mulighed for at løse mindre, akutte opgaver fra time til time, når det kniber. Ved øvrige opgaver er leveringstiden som regel under en uge, eller hvad vi aftaler.

Do you have any more questions about technical translations?

Then please call +45 40 61 39 70 or send an e-mail. You are also welcome to send me the actual text which you would like to have translated. Then I will immediately calculate a price, and you will receive a no-obligation quote.

You can also send me a short text of a maximum of 10 lines, which I will translate for free, and you can get an impression of the quality of my work.

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