Are you looking for
an experienced proofreader
of technical texts?

Do you need a proofreader who both ensures correct language and at the same time has the right technical insight to get the technical words and details translated correctly?

Then you have come to the right place because I am one of the few translators and proofreaders who deals exclusively with technical texts. Therefore, I know, among other things when it is called “fitting” instead of “installation”. The very details that support you being specialists in the field, which make customers feel comfortable shopping with you.

For specialised companies, proofreading is crucial for three reasons:

My clients know that. Therefore, I can focus on English Danish translations  and proofreading – exclusively dealing with technical texts.

My clients are primarily technical companies or translation agencies, advertising agencies, web agencies and independent copywriters with clients in the technology industry.

Often the jobs relate to marketing texts for websites, newsletters or press releases, where the reader does not necessarily have the same technical knowledge as the sender. The jobs could also relate to the extremely heavy, technical texts such as instruction manuals and documentation, where the reader also has a technical background.

Susan Murphy Lamprecht


Many forms of professional proofreading

Satisfied, repeat clients are the foundation of my business. That is why I adapt my working method to your needs

Therefore, you can choose between

Classic proofreading

– where I correct errors in the language, spelling, grammar, and commas.

Text editing

– where, in addition to correcting errors, I also tweak the language and content to avoid unnecessary repetition or inaccurate formulations.

Post editing

– where I correct errors in Danish texts translated from English via Google Translate, which safeguards you from the classic mistakes that often occur with machine translations.

In this way, you avoid paying for more than you need, while keeping your texts specialised and professional and supporting your company’s credibility.

Fixed procedure for proofreading jobs

To ensure excellent collaboration, I typically work in this order:


You send me the text you want to have proofread. Please write the latest date that you need to have it finished and returned to you.


Based on your material, I calculate a fixed price for the job, as well as the delivery time. Proofreading jobs vary widely, and your guarantee for not overpaying is precisely why I always give an individual price – calculated according to the difficulty level of the text and the number of errors. I could not give you a custom price if I only calculated the price per word.


I will start with the job once you have agreed to the price, delivery time and terms of business. If the text is translated from English, I would also like to have the original text so that I can cross-check the language and context. If you have a glossary for which words, phrases, and specific spellings you prefer for your company, please also send it.


About a day before I finish your text, I will send you an e-mail to alert a graphic designer, printer, or others who need to work on the text.


All proofreading jobs are delivered in a Word document unless we agree otherwise.


Once you have received the text with my comments and corrections, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. If I have not heard from you within 8 days, I will send you an invoice for the agreed amount.


And hopefully, we will work together again.

*Although it is in everyone’s interest that jobs are planned well in advance, we all know that a new version of the text can emerge at the last minute. That is why I plan my working day so that I also can do small, urgent jobs when they arise. The delivery time for other jobs is usually less than a week or what we agree.

Do you have any more questions about proofreading?

You are always welcome to call me on +45 40 61 39 70 or send an e-mail if you have specific questions about your job. If you send the text that you want to be proofread, I will send you a quote for the job within a couple of hours.

If you want to see an example of how many errors I find in a text, please feel free to send me a maximum of 10 lines. Then I will proofread this short text for you for free.

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