Are you looking for a professional
English Danish translator?

Do you need a fixed and reliable agreement with an English Danish translator,
or do you just have one job you need to have done?

Both options are available at Murphy Technical Text, which is owned and operated by me, Susan Murphy Lamprecht. Here you only have contact with me, and it will always be me who does the work, which is your guarantee that the work will be done consistently every time.

I have only specialised in the discipline of an English Danish translator. It is an entirely conscious decision that I do not translate from Danish into English or from languages such as French, German, and Spanish. The specialisation means that I both maintain my language skills and keep 100% up to date as the details of the language evolve because when the job concerns words, it is not enough to “just” translate. The job requires the right knowledge to select the words that fit precisely into the context and culture of the sender and target group.

It is precisely because I am an experienced professional that I know where mistakes most often occur, and this is, among other things, when the translator stares blindly at their work – sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. Therefore, I always include an external proofreader in the price of my translations, unless you prefer to use your proofreader.

At the same time, I have specialised explicitly in technical translations. Partly, because the concrete and fixed framework fit my working method, and partly, I find it credible to only focus on one area and to be extremely good at it.

Therefore, I primarily translate

I do not translate medical texts or subtitles for films or video.

My background as an English Danish translator

I was born and grew up bilingual with a British mother and a Danish father. I am also a trilingual secretary in Danish, English, and French from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and hold a master’s degree in English and international relations from Aalborg University.

My CV includes various job titles, all of which have had the common denominator that I have regularly communicated in English. I have run my own translation company since 2016, where I primarily undertake assignments for translation agencies, advertising agencies or technology companies. Here I have found the discipline that I plan to follow as long as I work. So, with me, you can get a fixed agreement for many years to come.

A fixed procedure and straightforward collaboration for translations

Perhaps you have a text that you would like to have translated from English into Danish. In which case, I typically work according to the following procedure:


You send your English text to me. If you need it to be translated quickly*, please write when you require it by.


I will calculate what the price of the translation will be and when you can expect to receive it. All costs are calculated based on the specific job and depend on, among other things, how many words the text contains and how many different subtopics it has.


Once you have agreed to the price, delivery time and my terms and conditions, I will start.


You will get an e-mail from me about a day before the translation is complete.


You will get the translation in a Word document unless we agree otherwise.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If I do not hear from you in 8 days, I will consider the job completed and send you an invoice.


And hopefully, we will work together again.

*Although it is in everyone’s interest that jobs are planned well in advance, we all know that a new version of the text can emerge at the last minute. That is why I plan my working day so that I also can do small, urgent jobs when they arise. The delivery time for other jobs is usually less than a week or what we agree.

Order English Danish translations now

If you have any questions about a possible collaboration, please feel free to call +45 40 61 39 70 or send an e-mail . If you would like to have a quote for a specific job immediately, please attach your text to the e-mail. Then you will get a quote within a couple of hours.

Please feel free to send me an English text of a maximum of 10 lines, and I will translate for free, and you can see an example of how exactly I translate.

Maybe you do not need me to do the translation from scratch. Perhaps you have had your text translated online – possibly via Google Translate. In which case, I can proofread your Danish text to make sure that there are no errors.

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