Murphy Technical Text, where a word is a word

Murphy Technical Text is owned and operated by me, Susan Murphy Lamprecht.

With a British mother and growing up bilingual, you could say I was born to translate. So that is what I do.

Before I set up my company in 2016, I held various positions, all of which had in common that I regularly communicated in English, both verbally and written. With the establishment of the company, I could narrow my focus area and immerse myself in technical texts.

Now I think I will never do anything else. Partly because I like to have the peace of mind to concentrate and to make every detail perfect in the text, and partly, many people in the technical fieldwork according to the same structure as me, which ensures excellent collaboration.

I have taken two language courses to immerse myself further in the language and ensure that my professionalism is top-notch:

In 1991 I trained as a trilingual secretary in Danish, English, and French at Copenhagen Business School (CBS.).

In 1996 I supplemented my training with a master in English and international relations at Aalborg University.

Susan Murphy Lamprecht

Small Business Owner

Sole proprietorship and not an agency

I have deliberately taken the decision not to run a translation and proofreading agency, but to be just myself.

It allows me to:

The foundation of my company is satisfied clients. Therefore, I am always very thorough in matching expectations when I take on new clients, and since my company relies on repeat clients, I can conclude that I have done the right thing.

Here are some examples of who you can find on my client list: Bragi & Odin Translation Agency, Windchallenge, Contexto Translations, INGCO International, Body Bike Production A/S and Wyma Solutions.

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